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PostSubject: Forums Rules   Forums Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 21, 2013 12:30 am

No offensive material in your avatar/signature
No Gravedigging (No posting on threads over 2-3 weeks old)
No spamming
No posting short messages that are off topic/random
No posting pornography/nudes
No posting or in someway showing other pictures or or information of another person
without permission
No reporting posts without a valid reason
No advertising other private servers or websites
No advertising keyloggers/rats or other kind of viruses
No Ddosing or threatening to
No posting an moderator application without meeting the requirements
No "Troll" or "Joke" moderator applications
No "Bumping" one of your threads more than twice a day, they also must be done hours apart from eachother
No posting on a report a player, appeal, or donation topic unless you are a moderator or the topic owner
No posting on a report staff topic unless you're posting legitimate proof
No creating topics in the wrong sections
Must have a poll with only "yes" and "no" options on mod applications and suggestion topics
Username must be 1-25 characters long, no more than 25
3+ acc mutes is a forum ban

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Forums Rules
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